"Hi, I’m Joe and I served in the British Army for the first 7 years of my life where I met one of my now humans. When I retired from military life my humans gave me a new loving home by the sea in Cornwall so that I can spend my retirement frolicking on the beaches and being a much loved and very spoilt pet - I’m pretty sure that’s every dogs dream! Unfortunately, not every dog is as lucky as me and there are thousands of them without homes and they need our help. I’ll let my humans do the talking now, the beach is calling me! Thanks for reading, Joe."


We adopted Joe in September 2019 and haven’t looked back since. Joe brought an unconditional love with him that only a four legged, tail wagging friend could! Bringing Joe into our lives really made us think about all of the dogs that end up in rescues, scared, lonely and wondering why they don’t have a home. We have a passion for ensuring other dogs like Joe could live the life they deserve, unfortunately we can’t rescue all the dogs but we can try and make a difference in our own way. Our love for high quality, great tasting coffee has turned into something that helps rescue dogs get that second chance in life. 


10% of our profits are donated to rescue charities that help to rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. We believe all rescue charities working to find dogs their forever homes are heroic and we want to help support them on that mission. 


We truly believe that great coffee can help a tremendous cause and we hope that all of the dog lovers out there join us on our mission to save pups cup by cup.


Joe's Java Collaboration with Hero Paws

 Opening our home and our lives to Joe has inspired us to help other ex working dogs just like him, which is why we are delighted to collaborate with Hero Paws; a charity dedicated to providing military working dogs and service dogs with a happy retirement through rehabilitation and retraining. The work these guys do is fantastic, these dogs truly are hero’s and Hero Paws ensure that they get the very best after a long working life. You can help support them too by sending a donation, or checking out their awesome shop on www.heropawsuk.co.uk