At Joe’s Java Coffee we believe in doing the right thing not just for dogs, but for people and the environment too. That’s why all of our coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced. Our coffee is always traceable and originates from the best farms with long standing relationships built with the farmers. Our current Seadog blend is a truly delicious speciality coffee sourced from Brazil in the regions of Mogiana and Tres Barras. We have some other great tasting coffees in the pipeline which we can’t wait to launch soon - watch this space! 




We are passionate about preserving our planet. One of our biggest challenges has been to find environmentally friendly packaging for our coffee that will keep the unique fresh taste. Being advocates for reducing plastic waste we extensively researched compostable and biodegradable packaging. We discovered that unfortunately the vast majority of these claim to be environmentally friendly, however many are not compostable at home, they need to go to industrial composters and subsequently break down into micro plastics. With this in mind, and with the mindset that micro plastics are more harmful than something that can be reused, we felt the best option would be to provide a fully recyclable plastic bag (including the valve), that can be easily processed in the household recycling. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and constantly search for new and improved products to aid us on our journey.